Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sydney Road Pub Crawl..

Smurf in the sun. Think they melt or something.

Lance is arty.


Revell. Photogenic.

Serious Brenno.

A cute little candid moment.

A photo that went a little wrong.

The Brunswick Green.

My favourite tip jar.

Table in the zen room.

Table again.

This room was made for moments like these.

The Penny Black.

Awesome day. We all had a play around with the camera.

Olinda 24/04/10

Took a trek to Olinda on the long weekend. An amazing part of Victoria, in the Dandenong ranges.  Was raining, getting dark, few lighting issues.  Shots were taken by both Lance and I.

Quick Candid.
The Garden Path
Fern Tree Gully.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Signet Mae @ The Hi Fi

Was really tough to shoot. Wasn't allowed a flash.  Need to learn a lot more about shooting in that light, but had a lot of fun playing around and trying a few different things.  Not the greatest photos, but happy with the attempt.