Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Next time: people portraits. This time: Tress and animals.

You know, I haven't really taken many portrait shots of people.  I actually have heaps of ideas for shots, but my problem is honestly taking the shot.  I kinda feel like a dick doing it, so I just don't do it.  Even today for instance, I was hanging out with my friend who is stunning- perfect skin, quirky style.  1000 ideas came into my head of shots to take of her, but I didn't do it.  Maybe it's coz I hate having my own photo taken that I'm thinking like that.  Let me get over this little issue and start playing with portraits!!

So here's another landscape shot anyway.  This is up the back hill of the house I am just about to move out of.  It's probably the main thing I'll miss about this town.  The beautiful places to go walking/running.  I really like the composition of this shot.  The jet trail, the sun and the slight lense flare:

Same hill, same day, the sky was perfect blue:

I hate seeing shots of animals that look choreographed and sometimes clinical.  Animals have a lot of character and that can be killed by some artists.  Below is my cat, I think it snaps her personality.  She's inquisitive, older and some would say she's grumpy.  She's particularly all of those things at the moment while I pack away my belongings.

I like this shot of her paws.  It's a little off centre as I was lying in my doorway trying not to startle her, I couldn't move the camera any further left.

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