Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Our Tallangatta adventure took place a few weeks ago, I neglected to load the photos. So here they are...

The town struggles with grammar...

Award winning fruit.

Brown paper bag long necks.

The 'Gillian Walkers' (Chels)

Just playing around (and pissing them off).

I like this shot of Chels. She looks pretty when she sings.

Playing with shutter speeds and aperture. I like how the street light in the background turned out.

The Gillian Walkers

I wanted this shot to look a bit like an abstract painting.

Beer goggles..

So I realised my 450D and I have spent just over a month together. Getting comfy with my camera now. Taking shots for a local solo artist on the weekend, will post as soon as they're done!

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