Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Digital Paint

The full moon and cool evening inspired a photo expedition. First stop: An old house which has been used in past to house those with a mental illness. It was extremely dark and while editing the photos (adjusting the exposure and contrast), the light soon revealed the figure hanging from the balcony. Unfortunately, none of our other shots picked up this figure- Curiosity is getting the better of me and I will be back to investigate in daylight.

We then decided to continue 'painting with light' on the freeway and around Dean St.

Gotta give props to Lance for the next two, think they're pretty cool. The dirt on the windscreen just adds to it:

Maybe it was the full moon. Maybe it was from hanging out at the empty mental home. But, is it just me or does this photo seem to capture another figure at the side of the road?


  1. Great pics, and there is definitely a figure in that last one. Freaky.